The Power of Cosmetic Influence for Professional Women

cosmetic influencers

It’s common knowledge that cosmetics are an important aspect of women’ lives, particularly in this day and age. Cosmetics help add additional polish to their appearance and make them feel even more comfortable with themselves.

Be that as it may, cosmetics can be both a blessing and a curse. If they are used in the wrong way or the products applied on the face are considered harmful to the skin, the impacts can be dangerous.

Wearing Makeup Gives Women Confidence

According to the ‘Lipstick Effect’ study, led by Harvard Medical School, concluded that wearing makeup could positively affect women’s psychological condition. It makes them feel a general feeling of enhancement in confidence, mentality, and character. In any case, that’s not by any means the only reason why women love putting makeup on. Find more about it in the explanation down below.

5 Scientific Explanations, Why Women Love Using Makeup

1. Lipstick

According to research conducted by Stephen & McKeegan back in 2010, women who use red lipstick look a lot more attractive than women who don’t wear lipstick at all. Studies in the field have shown that in public, men approach women wearing red lipsticks more quickly.

Another study has indicated that women’s appearances are more appealing to both genders when they are close to ovulation or when they are most fertile. The general concentration of the hormone estrogen ascends in contrast with progesterone during this time. This kind of hormonal shift can enhance vascular blood stream under the skin’s surface that prompts noticeable signs such as pinker cheeks and redder lips. Subsequently, by putting on red lipstick, they highlight a natural sign of fertility.

2. Foundation

The use of foundation can even out the skin tone which can give the impression of a healthy skin and symmetrical face. In other words, foundation is known as a makeup product that can enhance a woman’s beauty.

In fact, in a study, foundation is a makeup product that can make women look a lot different and obviously, better. This is known after a group of men were tested to see the attractiveness of women when using makeup foundation starting from those who don’t wear makeup to those who wear full makeup.

They agree that women who wear foundation appeal more.

3. Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

Women are generally seen as beautiful when they have facial features that convey a youthful impression. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara may exaggerate facial neoteny (youthful facial features). One of them is having bigger eyes along with large lips and small nose. Such exaggerated vibes of youthfulness will have greater appeal.

No wonder, in a study, women chose eye makeup as the makeup product that could increase the attractiveness of their faces in the most prominent way. Furthermore, eye products such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can create a more expressive and ‘open’ eye look which is much more preferable in society.

4. Blush On

Many people seem to have a great deal of inquiries and concerns surrounding the presence of blush, that pinkish powder women love to touch onto the apples of their cheeks. Naturally, women’s cheeks usually turn red when they are in love or sexually aroused.

The blush on the cheeks make the face look younger. And it works because it represents (or totally makes) women’s common indications of youth, sexual availability, and fertility. That’s why blush on can make a woman seem to be additionally appealing. Even using only a little touch of blush on the cheeks can create that kind of impression.

5. Skincare

Makeup products help women to create a beautiful perception of themselves. An experimental result shows that women who use makeup products on their faces are considered healthier, more confident, and even have better potential in almost any aspects of life than women who don’t wear makeup.

This shows that makeup products are actually very useful in determining one’s self-representation. Even so, we still have to prioritize inner beauty over mere physical appearance. That’s why improving the beauty of self in other sectors is just as important. For example, try being more friendly, gather more knowledge, have a little sense of humor, and care more for others.

Beauty treatments done from within are also needed. Take care of your skin with products according to skin type as well as take care of your beauty from within by doing exercise and eating healthy foods.

Help Them Feel the Sensation of Using Makeup with Your Own Brand

Studies found that the images of women wearing makeup were decided to be healthier and more confident than the images of those without makeup. When wearing makeup, women are likewise allotted better earning potential and considered to have better jobs than when they are presented without makeup.

In light of these outcomes, it is no wonder that many women put such value on accomplishing facial attractiveness through makeup. This is also the reason why the industry of makeup has always had an impact in the general public perspective of self-esteem.

And by helping women feel better about themselves, it makes the people running the industry feel better as well. In this way, you can make your own makeup brand to make yourself as well as others feel fulfilled. Contrary to popular belief, you can start a makeup manufacturing business with essential hardware for low cost. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a beauty care products chemist to do it.

With the right manufacturing instructions and professional cosmetic formulation, you can manufacture makeup, body care, and hair care items using high quality ingredients. So, don’t hesitate and go start your own makeup business right away.

Final thoughts: at long last, makeup might have any kind of effect on the quality of women’s apparent physical appeal. However, it will only take one so far. In spite of all this physical excellence we have written above, we would like to encourage you to prioritize your inner beauty over outside appearance. It’s because a beautiful soul can go a long way.


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