Top Famous Female Entrepreneurs in Beauty Industry

Famous female entrepreneurs

Famous female entrepreneurs really adorn today’s beauty industry. We can find many famous female entrepreneurs who are successful in makeup business, one of them is Bobbi Brown. Starting as a makeup artist for various editorial photoshoots and backstage runways in the 80s, Bobbi Brown then built a makeup line that focused on the slogan “natural beauty” in 1991. Five years later, the brand became a home with the Estee Lauder company.

Although now she has left the beauty industry, but Bobbi Brown has always been known as a genius. She pioneered the trend of nude makeup, which makes the wearer look like they don’t use makeup. This brand is sold in 70 countries, and is one of the best-selling cosmetic brands ever founded by a woman.

Beside Bobbi Brown, you may also know the NYX cosmetic brand. Well, it turns out an Asian woman named Tony Ko is behind the success of that brand. Initially, Tony saw a potential market in the makeup business, like the need for affordable but good quality makeup. Tony then borrowed money from her parents to build NYX Cosmetics.

Well, who would have thought NYX could develop into such a huge and successful makeup brand. Tony was immediately able to return the money she had borrowed from her parents.

After that, since 2014, NYX was officially bought by L’Oreal and can now be found everywhere. This is beyond her expectation, that the makeup brand she built herself could be this successful.

According to Tony, one of the keys to NYX’s success was that she built the brand herself and understood the beauty industry in great detail.

Well, those famous female entrepreneurs figures were really inspiring, right? Do you want to be as successful as they are in the makeup business?

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