7 Must Know Halal Cosmetic Brands in the World

Halal Cosmetic

Halal cosmetics have become the choice for many women, especially muslims. No wonder, because as we all kow, the world’s Muslim population which reaches more than 2 billion people. It certainly becomes a huge potential market for halal products. Halal based products’ demand also increases every year.

What is Halal Cosmetics?

Halal cosmetics are cosmetics that have received halal certification from official institutions in each country, for example in Indonesia there is MUI. To get halal certificates, halal cosmetic products must meet certain standards such as being made from halal ingredients (raw materials, additives), and manufacturing processes (tools, machines, production stages) that do not contain haram elements. The ingredients that are often suspected of containing haram elements in cosmetic products are placenta extract and collagen. This is because these materials may come from materials or animal parts that are categorized as haram in Islam.

Not only from the content, the halalness of cosmetic products must also be seen from the manufacturing process as well. Even though using animal parts that are categorized as halal, these animals must be ensured that they have been processed by Islamic law. Likewise with product testing. If done on animals, cosmetic products are declared halal if the tests are not carried out with the intention of hurting and killing. In Islam, all forms of torture against animals are prohibited. With selective ingredients, safe and painless processes and testing, halal cosmetics certainly have good benefits for the skin and don’t make you feel guilty when using them.

List of Halal Cosmetics Brands from several countries:

1. Wardah Cosmetics – Indonesia

Wardah Cosmetics products first appeared in 1995. Four years later, in 1999, Wardah received Halal cosmetic certification from LPPOM MUI, and became a pioneer of Halal brand in Indonesia. At the same time, Wardah also received an award from the World Halal Council. There are several best seller products from Wardah, such as Wardah Lightening Powder Foundation, Perfect Bright Micellar Water, Perfect Bright Moisturizer SPF 28, and Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

2. Talent Cosmetics – South Korea

The quality of Korean cosmetics has been recognized and is very popular throughout the world, including in Indonesia. Apart from quality, for Muslims, of course, the matter of the halalness of a product is an important aspect too. Now there are Korean cosmetic products that have been proven Halal, Talent Cosmetics.

In 2014, Talent Cosmetics succeeded in becoming the first Korean cosmetic brand to successfully obtain a Halal certificate, by using collagen obtained from plants, not animals, in its products. Their Halal cosmetic products consist of hundreds of products, including skin care products, make-up, masks and body care products. Some of the best seller products are SUNWOO COSME Vitamin Gold Essence Mask, SUNWOO COSME Collagen Aqua Mask, dan SUNWOO COSME Black Pearl + Gold Eye Patch.

3. Iba Cosmetics – India

Iba is India’s first and widest range of Halal Certified and Vegan beauty products. All Iba products are free of alcohol, pig fat, other animal derived ingredients and harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, ammonia and bleaching agents. IBA only uses natural ingredients, such as: Calendula flower extract, aloe vera, lemon extract, neem extract, coconut water, chamomile flower extract, pomegranate fruit extract, 24k gold, brighta pearls, jojoba oil, Indian gooseberry extract, fruitage complex, witch hazel water, and many more.

4. INIKA Organic – Australia

INIKA Organis has pride on delivering products that meet the highest global standards for quality ingredients and ethical foundations. INIKA Organis is also confident in their purity backed processes – that each of their products have endured rigorous testing to ensure only the highest and well-regarded certifications that the natural beauty space can accredit.

INIKA Organic is:

  • 70%+ Certified Organic – The highest standard worldwide for organic ingredient content for our OFC (Australian National Organic Standard) and ACO (COSMOS Organic Certified products.
  • 100% Certified Cruelty Free – guarantees no animals or habitats are affected when creating our products
  • 100% Certified Vegan – our products contain no animal derivatives or by-products
  • 100% Natural – free from fillers, texturisers, synthetics and toxic chemicals
  • 100% Halal – free of alcohol and vegan

5. SADA by Cathy Sharon – Indonesia

As a relatively new cosmetic brand, SADA has proven its quality as the choosen makeup for Asian women, because its color range suits the skin tone of Asian women. The brand, that owned by Indonesian artist, Cathy Sharon, has tagline called “See Asian Beauty in A Different Light”, which means that Asian beauty, especially Indonesia, is very diverse, and SADA by Cathy Sharon is here as a cosmetic brand with a new perspective that understands this diversity. What’s more, all SADA products are halal-certified from MUI.

6. Amara Cosmetics – USA

Amara Cosmetics Inc., is a halal cosmetics brand that targeted to Muslim women, or anyone who desires to use products that are all natural. No Animal or Alcohol substances are used. Amara cosmetics are made of natural ingredients that are extracted from plants, not animals. Amara ensures that the ingredients are right for the purpose of the products. The texture, smell and packaging are taken into consideration, and is made sure they are appealing to all consumers, from Muslim women to non-Muslims looking for all natural cosmetics.

7. Sampure Minerals – UK

Sampure Minerals was created out of a dream to find an authentic all-natural, vegetarian, and halal certified delicate makeup line, which brings out the beauty within all women, no matter what age and what skin type.

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