Most Favorite Types of Cosmetics and Their Benefits that Every Woman Should Know

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As a woman, surely you love using makeup. Besides being able to increase self-confidence, makeup product can also help maintaining women’s beauty. For women, wearing makeup products is a way to express herself to be unique and different. Not only makeup products, but other cosmetic products such as skincare are also important for women. A lot cosmetics from different makeup brands can be chosen for your daily use. So, to get to know the types of cosmetics and their benefits for you, let’s have a look at this following article!

Various kinds of cosmetic care and their benefits

So now, we’re going to discuss about various types of skincare and the benefits they provide.

1. Cleanser

As a woman, facial hygiene is very important. A dirty face can lead to blackheads, pimples, and a dull skin. Therefore, it is important to use a cleanser after a full day of activities. There are 3 types of facial cleansers commonly used by women: cleansing foam, cleansing milk, and cleansing oil.

1. Cleansing foam
Cleansing foam or also known as facial foam is a type of facial cleanser in the form of foam. Usually, cleansing foam is used to clean light makeup.

2. Cleansing Milk
This type of cleanser is better known as cleansing milk. Milk cleanser has a light and smooth texture, made from natural emulsion of fat and water, which will help cleanse the skin without removing natural oils so that your skin will remain balanced, hydrated, and protected.

3. Cleansing Oil
As the name implies, cleansing oil is an oil-based makeup cleaning product. Because of its ingredient, cleansing oil can clean your skin stronger than ordinary cleanser, and usually works best for heavier makeup. Therefore, cleansing oil has the most cosmetic benefit for cleansing product. However, you can still use any cleanser according to your preference.

2. Toner

Toner is a liquid that can remove the remaining dirt and makeup on the skin. Not only that, toner also could prepare the skin before receiving further facial treatments, such as serums and moisturizing creams. Toners are also refreshing and cooling your skin.

3. Moisturizer

Facial moisturizers are skin care products that has so many cosmetic benefits, such as play an important role as skin protectors from sun exposure, while also maintaining skin moisture. By using moisturizer regularly, your skin can stay healthy even if you use makeup every day. So, don’t ever forget to use a moisturizer!

4. Face Mask

Masks are part of facial care that is made from natural ingredients such as fruit, charcoal, honey, and others. There are a lot of cosmetic benefits from this product. Applying mask is good to nourish your face, shrink pores, and others. Masks are sufficient to use 1-2 times a week.

5. Essential oil

Essential oils are fragrant oil extracts obtained from the distillation of plants, flowers, roots, wood, or fruit seeds. Essential oils are very beneficial for relaxing and calming your mind, and are usually used as part of body care.

Types of decorative cosmetics

Apart from skincare, there are also decorative cosmetics that are usually used to make up your face, such as:

1. Foundation

Foundation is a makeup product that is used as a shield to prepare your face before other makeup is applied. The cosmetic benefit of using foundation is it could make your makeup can stick perfectly to your skin. In addition, foundation can also reduce pores and even out skin tone.

2. Concealer

Concealer is a type of makeup product that is used to cover dark circles, dark spots, large pores, acne scars, and any other visible blemishes on the face. Concealer has a texture that is very similar to foundation, but the formula is different and the coverage is also thicker, so it can hide dark blemishes that are difficult to hide by foundation.

3. Powder

Powder is a makeup product to beautify your face and make it look smoother. Although initially only in powder form, now there is also other form, called compact powder. Apart from functioning to smoothen facial skin, there are also several powders that can help protect skin health because they contain sunscreen in them. Like other makeup products such as foundations and concealers, powders usually come in several shades that can be adjusted according to the skin tone of their user, ranging from light to dark skin.

4. Mascara

Mascara is a makeup product that is generally used to beautify eyes. This makeup product has several cosmetic benefits, such as thickening, lengthening, flexing and increasing volume of eye lashes. Now, mascara also comes with a waterproof type, which makes it fastenable when exposed to rain, tears, or sweat. Although in general mascaras available in black color, now a lot of makeup brands also release different color of mascara, such as clear, purple, blue, and other colors that can make your appearance looks different. These types of mascara are usually used for party makeup.

5. Lipstick

Lipstick is a lip color made from wax, pigment, oil, etc. Apart from functioning as a facial decoration, lipstick also has cosmetic benefit to maintain lip health, such as preventing dry lips, protecting from UV rays, and keeping lips moist. It’s definitely a must have makeup product for women.

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