How to Create Your Own Skincare Brand with Minimal Budget

Skincare brand

Nowadays, we’ve been exposed to pollution, unhealthy food, and high stress levels, so our body and beauty needs to be taken care of, so they won’t be afected by high pollution environmental effects and unhealthy lifestyles. That’s why it is so important for people to take care of their skin. Many brands making cosmetic line to help people maintaining their healthy skin. There are many benefits that can be obtained from the ordinary skincare treatments, such as healthier skin, preventing skin aging, rejuvenating, and so on. This wide open opportunity is what makes many people interested in making their own skincare products. So, if you are concerned about skin health and want to be part of beauty industry by creating the ordinary skincare brand but don’t have much fund to start, don’t worry. We got the solution for you.

What to prepare to have your own skincare brand?

First of all, you might ask what kind of things should you prepare to have the ordinary skincare brand?

1. Have enough knowledge about skincare products

Using skin care products and having the knowledge on how to use them is a good start to have “user experience”, but definitely won’t be enough if you want to making cosmetic on your own. You have to start learning about skin types, cleansing methods, natural ingredients, etc. It’s because skin care with quality ingredients helps to promote healthy skin whereas poor ingredients can cause breakouts and long-term damage. You want to make sure that your skincare products have high quality, right? So, start gathering knowledge about skincare from now on so you will be making cosmetic with high quality.

2. What kind of skincare you want to make?

Product concept is one of the first thing that you have to think about before making cosmetic brand. There are several questions you have to ask yourself:

  • What kind of skincare I want to make?
  • Who’s going to be my target market?
  • What kind of ingredients I want use?
  • What’s so special about my skincare products?

These are the questions that you really have to think through before diving into beauty industry. Also, cosmetic ingredients are the main key to getting high quality cosmetic skincare products. So the choice of ingredients will certainly have a big effect on the how the skincare products will work. Skincare products now have become a necessity for everyone. Therefore, providing high quality when you’re making cosmetic products wil make your brand is in great demand.

There are several natural ingredients that are usually used in making cosmetic products, for example honey, chamomile extract, 24k gold, ginseng, lemon, aloe vera, green tea, and many more. All of these cosmetic ingredients certainly have their own efficacy. One thing to remember is that cosmetics ingredients have their own compatibility with certain skin types. Some are more suitable for dry skin, and others are more suitable for oily or normal skin, and so on. So make sure that the ordinary skincare products of yours are safe to use for all skin types. Good skincare cosmetics should be able to provide skin moisture and nourish the skin. For this reason alone, high quality best cosmetics ingredients in skincare are very necessary. This is important, so that our skin could remain well maintained and looks healthy.

The ordinary skincare ingredients are selected according to function, with a balanced composition. So, it’s very important to do some research on these ingredients that will be used in cosmetics

3. Consult your product concept to the experts

After you decided your skincare concept and what kind of ingredients you want to put in your products, next step is consulting your product concept to the experts. Make sure that whatever ingredients your use won’t have damaging side effect to the skin.

4. Make a sample product before doing mass production

Why is it important to make a sample first before doing mass production? Because it makes it easier to evaluate the design, label, packaging and test out the product. Pre-production samples allow both the manufacturer and the brand owner to be entirely in agreement about the construction of the product. More so, most manufacturers will not move into production without a final, approved sample. Not to mention having a sample in hand can help increase the quality of the ordinary skincare production too.

5. Perform a product feasibility test

Product testing is an important stage in production. Testing is carried out randomly on the resulting product. This is done so that all production standards will be able to produce truly quality products. Moreover, in skincare products, you have to make sure that your products won’t have side effects to the customers.

6. Register for halal and legality aspect to the health institution

It is very important to register your skincare product for halal and legality aspect. One of the reason is because many people will have any doubt on products without permit. So, health certification is important so your customer will rest assured that all your products are safe to use.

Simply put, with health permit, the ordinary skincare products will also get many benefits, such as:

  • Legality that will guarantee product quality.
  • As a security guarantee for a product.
  • Product image will increase compared to competitor products that do not have a health
  • Easy entry into a wider market.

Now you can have your own skincare brand with minimal budget

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